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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tool 9 - Incorporating Classroom based devices as tools for learning

It is important to have the technology support the teaching objective because that is what the main purpose of using technology in the classroom - to help the students learn better and retain more information.  The devices give students a way to have a hands on experience with the objective, where they are interacting with the device and learning the objective the teacher has presented in the classroom.

Teachers would want to hold students accountable in  their stations because that is the only way he/she can see if they have done the activity and if the objective has been learned.  That way, he/she can either go back and reteach the objective or move on to the next unit in the curriculum.

There were several sites that I found interesting and I would like to bring into the classroom.  One was Manipula Math, which helps use curriculum in a very hands on way.  The other site I found interesting was Interactivate.  It also had some real hands on exercises for students to work on in stations and follow up with an activities sheet.

I also looked at several IPAD touch applications I would like to use in the classroom.  One was A Factor Tree, which would give students practice picking out greatest common factors and doing factor trees.  The other site I liked was AlgebraPad2, which gave students practice adding and subtracting algebraic equations.  Both these sites had activities the students would play and they could then print out their score at the end of the activity for the accountability portion of the center.

I am not sure what other ways I could use the devices other than to maybe have the kids journal is Google Docs at the end of the lesson and have the whole class edit the document.  Then we could print out the document and they could have it available as review when it came time to studying for the semester final exam.

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  1. "A Factor Tree" sounds like it would be a successful app - the Ipad is so well suited for that type of visual math task!!