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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tool 8 - Taking a look at the tools

When I was watching the tutorials about the various tools that are going to be in the classroom, I learned many new things.  One was about syncing the devices to the teachers laptop.  The question I have concerning that is how will that work with teachers that share classrooms?  I share O200 with Ms. Lipp.  Will the devices be synced to only one machine?  Will there be a way to have the devices synced to two laptop machines?  I also learned about downloading apps to the IPAD.  I am assuming this is like downloading apps to a cell phone.  I will have to work with the IPAD in order to feel comfortable doing this.

Also, sharing a classroom will also require some collaboration on how the devices will be managed as far as numbering.  I liked the idea of numbering them by the room number and then either a letter or a number.

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